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YOUTUBE Video Marketing to

youtube seo phoenixFACTS

● Social Media sites like YouTube and Facebook has changed the future of every business.
● Hundreds of millions of videos are watched every month online or on mobile devices.
● YouTube is monetizing over a billion video views per week globally.
● The number of advertisers using display ads on YouTube increased 10-fold in the past year.
● 94 of Advertising Age’s 100 top advertisers have run campaigns on YouTube and Google Content Network.
● 82% of the population watches video; Only 14% produce them. We are a society of views that are in the infant stages of being producers. Become a producer now!

Basic Overview

SL Designs offers their experience and innovative ideas to business and individuals who are ready to utilize and maximize YouTube. This social marketing program will make sure your video is targeted to your audience and the video will be optimized so it appears on page one of Google for your targeted goal.

Projection / Predicted Outcome

● Get information about your business in a cost-effective manner.
● Your video will be targeted to specific audience’s key terms.
● Traditional print advertising can be thrown away, a YouTube video is accessible 24/7.
● You will be able to effectively market to a massive audience, family, friends, followers, fans and others who are directly or indirectly connected to the people within your business circle.


● Your video will be on page one of google; reaching your target audience
● Establish your business and brand on YouTube.
● Be positioned to grow your brand and company on one of the largest social media platforms.


I don’t have a video 🙁

WE offer white board animations & kinetic word videos.
Your imagination. Having too much to talk about vs staying on a single subject. Keeping the video to 2 – 5 minutes long is the most effective way to appeal to an audience.

What EXACTLY do you offer?

  • Video creation
  • Youtube channel creation & optimization/seo
  • Video ranking
  • Consultation – Yes I will teach you to do it yourself

How do I start?

Just a simple call.

Remember: Once we are working with a client on one keyword we will not work with anyone else for that keyword.