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We can create these QR Codes for your brochures, flyers, sales material, catalogs, banners, company shirts and uniforms, magnetic signs, banners and anything else you’d like these printed on.

Right now a few people are using QR codes but it is a trend that will increase in the upcoming months. If you decide to use QR codes for your business, you will show a high tech know-how. Your tech-savvy customers will appreciate you for keeping up with them.

Now in case you don’t know what QR Codes are and how you can leverage them in your business please take a look at this video here:

Qr codes can be encoded so that they can immediately communicate with your clients. What can information can they be encoded with? Here are a couple of examples:

  • Contact Information
  • URL to a website (secret: this is where the real power is)
  • Coupons

So here’s our QR Code and offer to help you advertise, brand and market your company leveraging the latest in Mobile Marketing technology… QR Codes!

If you need more information about QR Codes – Click here to read our article

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