How to Make Your YouTube Brand Work

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Found another great youtube related article I thought was useful. These are a bit broad but the goal is to connect with your market, clients, etc.

10 Ways to Make YouTube Work for Your Brand

YouTube viewers have to sift through an estimated 60 hours of content that are uploaded every minute to the site. To get a share of the page views, which totaled 4 billion in February, brand marketers have to be creative. After interviewing the experts, Mediabistro’s AvantGuild found 10 ways to make a YouTube channel stand out from all the rest:

1. Allot a portion of your social media strategy specifically to YouTube; set goals and objectives.
2. Download YouTube’s Creator Playbook (PDF) for a peek into the dos and don’ts of fine-tuning your channel.
3. Build a brand page with the look and feel of your company’s personality. Don’t leave all the glitz to Facebook and Twitter.
4. Create videos that are useful and interesting to your audience. Remember that practical is as important as flashy.
5. Concentrate on making the first 15 seconds of your video compelling, as viewer attention spans are short.
6. Drive traffic to your page by creating a strategy to push or pull viewers in.
7. Reward your viewers with sweepstakes and contests.
8. Maintain a regular frequency for posting and engaging with your audience.
9. Cross-promote your YouTube page on your website, other social media channels or through YouTube marketing options.
10. Measure your success with YouTube analytics.

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